Unexpected Wildlife

Welcome to Nature in the Burbs. Most of the time when I see wildlife in my neighborhood, it’s something I’ve seen before, like a blue heron or a snapping turtle. The other day, however, my husband was in our backyard taking photos of something that I had never seen before…

Hummingbird Moth

…it was a Hummingbird Moth.  It looks like a moth or a weird kind of bumble bee, but it flies like a hummingbird. There were several of these moths enjoying our butterfly bush. Normally, I’m not an insect kinda gal, but this was pretty cool. Here are some details from Wikipedia.

Have you ever seen one? Let us know. Click Comment.


5 responses to “Unexpected Wildlife

  1. I don’t remember seeing one of these, but I have heard of them. We had a Butterfly Bush in our yard when I was young. My father planted it because I loved butterflies. We used to see a lot of them around back then. Don’t see too many anymore. Keep up the good work. Love hearing about these things (nature, etc.).

  2. I just snapped a picture of one in Minnesota.

  3. Apparently they range all over the U.S. except for the lower SW area. Hope your picture came out great. Appreciate your comment.

  4. you have such a wonderful site you have it all love it all thanks god bless

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