My Dad and the Birdseed Stealing Squirrels

In my childhood backyard, squirrels were cute, frisky fellows that were welcome to grab the acorns and race each other up and around the maple tree. The minute they stole from the bird feeders, everything changed. They became my dad’s enemies. As a U.S. Army veteran he turned to war mode and he became obsessed. (My dad was the inspiration for the Squirrel Poll — don’t forget to vote “friend” or “foe” below.) He employed a series of squirrel-proof bird feeders with no success. Various sorts of mounting methods were trialed; the squirrels were victorious. He duct taped over the openings where the seeds came out so only bird beaks could fit; the squirrels chewed it off. He mounted a bird feeder on a separate pole away from the vicinity of the tree branches; the squirrels would sky dive to it. He covered the top of the feeder to deter them from landing; unsuccessful. Fortunately, dad wasn’t the type to want squirrels removed from the face of the earth — he just wanted them off his bird feeders. He then decided to grease the pole and achieved a measure of success. We had lots of laughs watching the squirrels slip off as they tried to climb the pole. Only  some reached the sunflower seed prize. How about you? Click Comment and tell us about your squirrel experiences.


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