Feelings about Spiders and Spiderwebs

I appreciate beauty in a lot of creatures but for me spiders are one of those impossible to love living things. They have too many eyes and legs. They inject their victims with juices, ugh! I know they have their purpose, but goose bumps abound just thinking about them. Spiderwebs, on the other hand, can be kind of cool if I forget about who crafted them. As long as they aren’t in my home or on my car or within a 6 foot radius of touching my body or personSpiderwebal belongings, I can somewhat appreciate a web’s beauty. As a beginning crocheter, I admire their symmetry and pattern. As a busy person, I recognize the diligence that goes into building and repairing them every day (don’t remind me why webs need repair). When they are covered with dew they look like art. Yes, spiderwebs can sometimes be beautiful, if and only if, I forget who builds them. What are your feelings about spiders and spiderwebs? Click Comment to tell us your thoughts.


2 responses to “Feelings about Spiders and Spiderwebs

  1. spiderwebs yay, spiders nay, too bad you can’t have one without the other

  2. Yeah, guess they go together! Thanks for the feedback.

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