Unusual Bowl-Shaped Spiderweb

Bowl and Doily Spiderweb
The bowl-shaped spiderweb in my backyard

While enjoying the backyard the other day, my husband pointed out an unusual, odd-shaped spiderweb in the hedges. Not being a fan of spiders, I chose not to look too closely. As I meandered around the side of our house, I realized that these webs were attached to trees and bushes everywhere I turned. I mustered up the courage to look more closely and found the web fascinating, in a weird, creepy sort of way. Part of the web had a definite inverted bowl shape. Underneath the bowl was a flat area, like a welcome mat for the spider’s dinner. Something unmentionable was hanging above the bowl all wrapped up in whitish webbing. Due to my spider phobia, I chose not to inspect the master webmaker himself, who was perched upside down under the bowl waiting for some more action. With my curiousity aroused, I searched the internet for “bowl shaped spider web” and discovered that the spider is called the Bowl and Doily Spider…who knew? Apparently they are common in this area and I read somewhere they have many teeth, which makes me glad they are outside and not inside. For those wanting more information on the Bowl and Doily spider, the Nature at Close Range website contains an interesting overview. Your comments are welcome.


3 responses to “Unusual Bowl-Shaped Spiderweb

  1. its a bowl and doily spider

  2. haha i didnt read all the way through soooo guess you know that lol

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