There are Spiderwebs Everywhere this Morning!

SpiderwebsSpiderweb over pondSpiderwebSpiderwebSpiderwebI woke up this morning to the sight of what I thought were a just few large spiderwebs in the backyard. Due to my arachnophobia, an hour or so passed before I grabbed the camera to explore the spiderwebs more closely. That’s when I realized there were spiderwebs — and naturally, spiders — everywhere. Large, small, thick, thin, perfectly formed or torn up — everywhere I turned my head, there was another spiderweb. They were on the bushes and shrubs. They were hanging off the birdfeeder and lawn furniture. Spiderwebs were stretched out over the pond and webbed over the grass. Apparently, my family is very good at breeding spiders; either that, or spiders love dreary, foggy, humid, wet, New Jersey weather. I realize Halloween is fast approaching, but this all-natural assortment of spooky spiderwebs is not what I had in mind for Halloween decorating. I prefer a few pumpkins or gourds, and maybe a Jack-O-Lantern or two. Spiders and spiderwebs are everywhere this morning, but with Thanksgiving coming I can start to be thankful that the spiders and webs are outside and not in the house. Your comments are welcome!Spiderweb


10 responses to “There are Spiderwebs Everywhere this Morning!

  1. And by coincidence, one of MY readers sent to me a series of spider web photos that I plan to post this Friday. Every Friday I accept photos from my readers, similar to your idea. Great bloggers think alike! Like your blog very much.

  2. The spider population seems to be extra abundant this fall. Thanks for your kind words!

  3. I love this post! I’ve never seen anything quite like it, but maybe thats because I dont take time to appreciate nature.

    • Thanks. I appreciate your comments. I’m not sure I really “appreciated” the spiderwebs, but I did notice them. A friend was just telling me about a praying mantis that appeared on the glass door where he works. Sometimes the nature just shows up unexpectedly whether you are looking for it or not!

  4. Lovely web shots 🙂 It’s the ones inside the house that scare me…LOL.

  5. Absolutely Mary! Especially when the webs are occupied by large tenants.

  6. Omg! I’m from NJ, but I live in Texas now and this morning when I went off to College I also noticed that there was spider webs everywheeeere! Not actual webs but strings of web connecting from one place to another they were on cars buildings and even just floating around in the wind it was so crazy I feel like that movie “8 legged freaks”! Lol

  7. Spider webs or web worms? I’ve seen them with webs all over like this.

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