The Moon May Make Me Hungry and Cranky

Beautiful moon

This beautiful view of the moon reminded me of food.

It was a pleasure to be able to see the moon looking so beautiful for the past two nights. This was especially appreciated in light of the recent succession of overcast evenings we had been experiencing. The moon was shining brightly enough to see craters and dark spots on its surface. I was either really hungry or my imagination was overly active because I thought the moon’s shape resembled a soft taco or pita bread folded in half. Now that I think about it, the moon is often associated with food and hunger.

  • Folks love to imagine that the moon is made out of cheese.
  • A Wallace and Gromit movie has the duo flying their rocket to the moon in search of the mother lode of cheese to satisfy their endless appetite.
  • The moon induces visual images of dough, sauce, and cheese — à la “when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.”
  • The nursery rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle” mentions the moon along with obligatory eating implements.

In addition to hunger pangs, I blame the moon for attitude changes as well. I can tell when a full moon is imminent without looking at the sky or a lunar calendar. People (not me) seem to drive more recklessly and aggressively when there is a full moon. People (also not me) become extremely impatient when waiting in line for groceries or for services. Sleep is much more difficult when the moon is full. Even if I close the blinds tightly against the moonlight, I lie awake and roll around, unable to fall asleep. Sleep deprivation causes even more impatience and crankiness to kick in. I think the crankiness factor in children gets amped up and hyperactivity increases when the moon is full. All this may sound like old wives’ tales, but I’m inclined to think moods are influenced by the moon, especially a full moon. If God causes the phases of the moon to affect the tides and currents, then it makes sense to me that human emotions and attitudes can also be affected by the moon. Perhaps there is a moral that can be extracted from this story: when the moon is full, I will be hungry and cranky — stay far away and let me enjoy my pizza pie in the moonlight. Your comments are welcome!


12 responses to “The Moon May Make Me Hungry and Cranky

  1. Wonderful post! We have had beautiful, clear skies over the last week and the moon has been a glorious sight. I never thought about until I read your post, but the moon is often associated with food. Enjoy your moonlit pizza pie!

  2. I’ve never been successful at taking a photo of the moon but now I understand why – I was hungry and cranky!! 🙂 Gorgeous photo, by the way.

  3. How true! I think the full moon is responsible for many things. I love the analogies of pita, dough and cheese. Looking at the photo I can see the pita too! Now I’ll probably more alert when I know a full moon is at the doorstep.

  4. I agree, the moon certainly does affect humans, just ask anyone who works in a hospital what goes on during a full moon!

  5. If the full moon can causes changes in a giant body of water like the ocean tides, why wouldn’t it also cause changes in our bodies which are 90% water. I thoroughly believe the moon phases affect people emotionally and physically.

  6. I have also felt very hungry on full moon days. I thought that maybe this was because of the light that shines off of it. On full moon days you can walk around and still see very well. Which would be perfect for hunting and also for predators to attack. Maybe humans have this hunger/mood swings because it meant a lot to our ancestors. Could be wrong though lol.

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