The Amazing Butterfly Bush That I Didn’t Want

Snow on butterfly bush
First snow of the year covers the butterfly bush

Flowers covered with snow on butterfly bush

I am amazed by the amount of little visitors our butterfly bush has attracted to our backyard this past summer and autumn. Even though we are having our first snow today, our backyard butterfly bush, or formally  buddleja, still has a few purple flowers on it. It’s definitely aptly named because monarchs, swallowtails, cabbage, and morning cloak butterflies have frequented the purple flowers this season; even an occasional hummingbird has gotten a snack at the bush. I’ve been enjoying it so much it’s hard to believe I was not happy when my husband first planted the bush about two years ago. It’s not that I have anything against butterfly bushes. It’s just that when he first planted the bush it was not only small and scrawny, but it was also planted in a horrible spot! In my opinion, the best location for a new bush in the backyard was not immediately off our deck stairs, in the middle of a path. The position forces you to squeeze around the sides of the butterfly bush in order to go near the bird feeders or access the shed. I do not like having to squeeze around the butterfly bush because this instantly puts me on spider alert! Now that the bush has grown much larger, you have to squeeze around it even more. Thankfully, my wonderful husband (he added that, although I agree) has trimmed it in such a way that passing by isn’t too bad. Despite its location, I have to admit that I now have a new opinion about our butterfly bush. Even though I still have to squeeze around it somewhat, I really enjoy it. Our butterfly bush has grown so beautifully and attracts so many amazing butterflies, I’ve forgotten that at first I didn’t want it.  Comments?


2 responses to “The Amazing Butterfly Bush That I Didn’t Want

  1. Found your blog through Slugyard. Great post! I understand those sentiments exactly. The first time I myself planted a butterfly bush, it overtook the space in our tiny garden such a way that it overshadowed my other scrawny plantings. But, the wild things it brought in was tremendous. And the rest of the garden eventually caught up.

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