Friday Morning’s Moon in the Clouds

Moon in the CloudsLast night featured heavy rain and wind. This morning has the moon peeking out intermittently through fast moving clouds. Enjoy your Friday the 13th! See more sky photos at SkyWatch FridaySkywatch Friday.


11 responses to “Friday Morning’s Moon in the Clouds

  1. The Moon sure was beautiful this week!! Wonderful capture!

  2. I love photos of the moon! Especially when it is playing hide and seek in the clouds!!

  3. Nina Whitehurst


  4. Wonderful capture of moon and clouds!

  5. Pure sweetness to look at.

  6. I really like the way you captured the moon peeking through the clouds. This is a wonderful picture.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  7. We had the wind, but our rain turned to snow…the sky wasn’t visable here today. Lovely moon shot.

  8. Somehow the daytime moon is not quite as mysterious as the nighttime one, until it ducks behind clouds! Nice pic!

  9. A lovely capture of the moon peeking out of the cloud. Great shot, happy skywatching!

  10. Friday the 13 was good for me. We have had some nice moon nights but today has poured down rain all day, cutting off my internet often.

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