A One-Hour Backyard Bird Haven and an Unusual Visitor

backyard parakeetbackyard parakeetbackyard parakeetMy backyard seemed to transform into a bird haven this morning; it also attracted an unusual avian visitor. The cold weather must have stirred up their desire for feeding, because within a one-hour period, I was able to witness a wonderful variety of birds. One type of bird would put in an initial appearance, make a curtain call or two, and then exit the backyard stage for the next bird act.

I’m pretty sure it started with the red house finches and a few goldfinches who have lost their summer yellow. Then, along came the juncos, tufted titmouse, and sparrows. Next, it was the nuthatch and the noisy wren. The woodpeckers took over to start the second half-hour of my impromptu bird haven. The male and female downy, the flicker, and the red-bellied woodpecker all made a visit. The starlings flocked in and shooed everyone else away, only to be replaced by the blue jays and mourning doves. There were crows flying by and one lone turkey vulture circling off to the left. This sounds great for birders, but it’s a problem for me. It’s distracting! Hey birds, I have work to do. Stop your trilling calls and your swooping fly-bys and let me focus on the projects at hand. Instead of kick-starting my day, I’m standing shoeless in my socks on the frosty back porch, with no coat, taking photographs.

Just when I thought I could get back inside to my work and the warmth, an unusual visitor made an appearance. I spotted a flash of white near a small group of finches toward the top of the neighbor’s tree. I thought maybe it was the nuthatch again so I walked closer. Unbelievingly, the white bird looked like a parakeet! Now I had a serious distraction — was there really a white parakeet flying around outside of my house? I took a few quick photographs before it flew off with the finches. Most of the birds who visited during my one-hour bird haven were frequent visitors. I never expected to see anything unusual. Do you think the white bird was a parakeet? We welcome your comments.


9 responses to “A One-Hour Backyard Bird Haven and an Unusual Visitor

  1. Nina Whitehurst

    It does kind of look like one, but he’s kind of fat. Almost makes you wonder if its someone’s pet that decided to take a road trip 🙂

  2. Sure looks like a parakeet, but if you want a definitive ID, post a picture to the “help me identify a bird” forum at http://www.whatbird.com (you’ll have to create an account to upload)
    Anytime I’m stumped — which is often — I’ll post a photo and get responses from serious birders within hours!

  3. Wow, that is so cool…and what a great morning to birdwatch! I have no idea what this fella is. I haven’t seen anything wild that looks like it around here. Sure hope he’s not an escaped pet…the weather is not too hospitable right now.

    Happy birding!

  4. That sure looks like a parakeet to me. Very sad that he’s lost in winter but luckily he’s discovered where to get a good meal.

  5. It’s lovely to read of such a variety of birds. Lately it seems that we are in the middle of a somewhat monotonous and perpetual flurry of crows and sparrows. I’m not complaining, but it certainly would be wonderful to hear a few more birdsounds – or even songs! I was in southern Indiana a few weeks ago and was blown away by the assortment of calls sneaking through my window when I least expected it – a touch of spring in this New Englander’s winter.

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