Entertained by the Ring-Billed Gulls

I was entertained today while watching a group of ring-billed gulls on the lake. They were hanging out on the ice near an imaginary line separating the frozen surface from the open water.

Ring-billed gull on ice
When the urge struck, a gull or two would hop off the ice into the water to bathe.

Ring-billed gull
Once they were satisfied with their splashing and swimming, they would return to the ice to preen in a variety of interesting styles. I witnessed the one-legged stance, the folded wing twist,

Ring-billed gulls
the yoga inspired wing stretch,

Ring-billed gull wing
the modest head tuck,

Ring-billed gulls on ice
and the two-legged pose.

Ring-billed gull

There were a few speckled gulls that looked different than the others.

Juvenile ring-billed gull
Later, I looked in my bird book and discovered they were juvenile ring-billed gulls. They have a bi-colored bill that hasn’t yet developed the telltale black ring of the adult.

I was only at the lake for a short period of time, but watching the ring-billed gulls preening and swimming was quite entertaining.


9 responses to “Entertained by the Ring-Billed Gulls

  1. Oh my – this post made me smile more than once.

  2. I love the photos complete with shadows and I love the yoga wing stretch–wish I could pull that one off!

  3. Nice shots, for a moment there I thought this was in SW Florida.

  4. Beautiful. I live near the water and have noticed some of these same poses!

  5. Gulls are so much fun to watch. You captured some great shots. Thanks for visiting Joyful Altitude and leaving the comment. Very much appreciated.

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