Skywatch Friday – Sunrise to Sunset

From sunrise to sunset the sky was absolutely beautiful today. Throughout the day the cloud formations were ever-changing.
It all began with a gorgeous sunrise…
Beautiful Sunrise
and ended with a colorful sunset as the starlings gathered into the trees.
Starlings at sunset
To see other images of skies, visit SkyWatch FridaySkywatch Friday.


8 responses to “Skywatch Friday – Sunrise to Sunset

  1. Both of your sky shots are beautiful, but I really like the first one the best. Nice composition in the last one. These are a lll stunning captures. genie

  2. That first image is wonderfully dramatic – great capture! Thanks for sharing.

  3. wonderful photos, they are so gorgeous!

  4. Love the dramatic skies. The shot with the tree silhouette and the bird in flight is my favorite. Great captures, happy skywatching!

  5. the sunrise picture is stunning…
    the play of the light in the clouds is awesome… nice catch

  6. Gorgeous pictures! I love sky pictures too. 😉

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