Posing on the Backyard Fence

Our backyard fence became a posing spot for birds this afternoon. The robin and the mourning dove both positioned themselves on top of the fence as if they were modeling their feathery haute couture.
Mourning dove

Enjoy more fence photos on “Friday Fences” at Life According to Jan and Jer.


33 responses to “Posing on the Backyard Fence

  1. Nina Whitehurst

    They’re beautiful! I saw a gorgeous black bird with a red strip around its torso–like it was painted on. You would have enjoyed seeing it.

  2. Excellent shots… I’m guessing a nice telephoto lens?

  3. The dove has a lovely feather wrap! And the robin is sporting a sharp rust-colored vest!

  4. Doves are so stately. Both are really good shtos.

  5. really like the robin. great shots. (:

  6. Wonderful! Your fence must be the fashion runway in your neighborhood.

  7. Birds perched on a fence makes for a great shot!

  8. Great bird shots. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. Love these shots! You could almost reach out and touch these feathered friends.

  10. I can never get outside quietly enough when I see a bird perched, prime for a photograph. Have you been lucky enough to be outside when these birds pose or do you have a clean enough window inside to shoot through? Great photos, Nature!

    • Thanks EOS! In this instance I happened to be sitting outside and they perched on the fence right behind me. Usually if they are near I’m fumbling with the camera and I miss the opportunity.

  11. I never keep my camera in the same place, so the swallows are half-way back to Capistrano by the time I even put my hands on the camera, let alone turn it on and focus! 🙂

    • Good one!! Yesterday, there was a crow chasing down a hawk. Just as the hawk swooped down fairly close to my house, I zoomed in on the action and my battery died at that exact moment.

  12. Beautiful dove! And Robin. And what a cool concept … Friday Fences.

  13. Beautiful pictures! 😉

  14. Love them both, but especially the dove ❤

  15. Very nice photos of these birds.

  16. Beautiful photographs. Guessing that you zoomed in on them.

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