Three Pine Trees

These three pine trees, sectioned off by a wooden fence, create a cozy little oasis next to a parking area. I imagine they were scrawny little things when they were first planted, but someone had the foresight to plan ahead for the enjoyment of others. Just outside the frame of this photo, a women was plunked down in a lawn chair soaking up a little serenity during her lunch break.

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19 responses to “Three Pine Trees

  1. The trees provided some great shades.

  2. What a lovely little spot. I seem to be noticing fences much more since I’ve been participating in Friday’s Fences!
    Thanks for visiting today and leaving a comment. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. There’s a tree nursery near me whose slogan is something like “the best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago or today.”

  4. What a pretty little place to find some shade.

  5. looks like a great place to enjoy a picnic lunch or read a book. nice spot. (:

  6. There should be a picnic table sitting under those trees!

  7. a perfect shady spot!

  8. Perfect place in the summer on a hot day!

  9. It looks so cool and peaceful there!

  10. Smart woman to travel with her lawn chair to steal a little noontime enjoyment outside. So someone cared enough to protect these wonderful old pines and give them a chance to grow? That’s good.

  11. The perfect spot for a little relaxation during lunch.

  12. I love the smell of pine trees.

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