The Water’s Edge for All

A fishing area designed for wheelchair access.

Every so often I get the urge to go fishing. There is something special about being by the water that is very relaxing. I’ll make a few casts and then stop to enjoy the scenery and take photographs. Until today, I never thought about those who, because of a physical disability, aren’t able reach a pond or river to go fishing.

This morning I discovered an access site for disabled fishermen (and women) along the Pequest River in Warren County, New Jersey. Adjacent to the reserved spaces in the angler’s parking lot, you’ll find a wide, gravel path that leads to a beautiful area along the river designated for wheelchair access. A low fence serves as a barrier between the path and the water. The vegetation has been cleared away to allow unhindered casting from a wheelchair. I had never encountered a site like this before, but have since learned that New Jersey has more than 50 locations with wheelchair accessible fishing. Glad to hear that heading to the water’s edge is being made available to everyone.

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5 responses to “The Water’s Edge for All

  1. North Carolina has created a few of these places on various trout streams. There is a deck and easy access for wheelchairs. It’s always good to think about how others can enjoy the experience of fishing no matter what their situation is. You should check out Project Healing Waters.

  2. A fine presentation of this unusual fishing place for the disabled. I’ve never thought about the problem which is an obvious one once it’s in mind. Excellent presentation.

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