Friday’s Fences – Purple Coneflowers

I spotted these purple coneflowers (echinacea) growing alongside a split rail fence in a nearby park. Since these are one of my favorite wildflowers I had to take a photo. Visit Life According to Jan and Jer to see more Friday’s Fences photos.


17 responses to “Friday’s Fences – Purple Coneflowers

  1. very pretty. 🙂

  2. magicalmysticalteacher

    Don’t you just love it when you happen upon a photogenic subject? Lovely!

    Sky & Fence

  3. This really made a beautiful shot!

  4. A lovely image!
    My coneflowers didn’t do well this year for some reason. These are lovely!

  5. A lovely scene with all the greenery and the coneflowers nestled amidst the rails of the fence.

  6. Such a pretty scene! Nice shot

  7. really love this shot. i love these flowers. see them often in my travels. (:

  8. You purple cone flowers are beautiful. The ones we have the prairie are dry and not very colorful.

  9. That works so beautifully, lovely photograph.

  10. That is beautiful! My coneflowers are blooming too I planted it last year. Thanks for sharing!

    Kim, USA

  11. Great composition. These coneflowers are perfect against this silvery grey weathered fence.

  12. I really like the composition of your photo, the graduating heights of the flowers, the line of the fence as well as the depth of field. Was thrilled to find out that the flowers are of the echinacea plant… My winter remedy against flu!

  13. Beautiful Echinacea blossoms!

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