Some Like it Hot

Since today was another day with 90 degree temperatures, there wasn’t much wildlife activity in our backyard  — except for the dragonflies. We typically see a few dragonflies near our small pond during the summer, but today things were different. Dragonflies were flying around like crazy. I watched them for a few moments before I realized that more than flying was going on. Dragonflies must like it hot, because they decided that it was the perfect time for mating. Despite the heat, they were chasing each other around before coupling up on the cattail leaves and in midair.

Here are a few dragonfly photos.

The dragonfly “circle of life.” The two dragonflies sort of make a heart shape.

I confess I don’t know much about dragonflies, so I wanted to share a link to an interesting article on Eye on Nature that explains the difference between dragonflies and damselflies.


12 responses to “Some Like it Hot

  1. Thanks for the mention, Nature in the Burbs. Your ode (short for Odonata) photos are great!

  2. That’s an effective shot showing the reflections… and making the ‘circle’…
    Have always wondered why the double wing structure?

  3. Yep, in this heat not many are happy with the muggy air except the dragonflies (and the bugs they eat).

  4. Thank you for the wonderful dragonfly photos!

  5. The “Circle of life” photo is excellent.

  6. 6/29/13 Des Plaines Illinois, opaque dragonfly (presume male) almost ran into me, landed on potted plant Such beauty! began my search. Been raining every other day, last year large clear winged landed on me – guess they know my name is Lily

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