Blooming Along the Fence

Flowers and fences just naturally seem to go together. These pink blooms are from a rose of sharon bush that grows alongside the neighbor’s picket fence. In the few days since I took this photo, the bush has exploded with even more blossoms. A rose of sharon bush with white flowers grows right next to this one.

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19 responses to “Blooming Along the Fence

  1. Nina Whitehurst

    Our backyard may be the exception to the marriage of flowers and fences as our neighbors cows reach through the wire and eat our blossoms!!

  2. that is a really pretty shot! really nice!

  3. My favorite fences are ones that have flowers growing next to them. This one is really pretty. Thanks for visiting me.

  4. Such a pretty scene.

  5. a sharon bush. i’ve never heard of that type before. awesome view. gorgeous. (:

  6. lovely dof – great feel for the fence in the background and a worthy image for this type of post, it gives a sense that the fence is the talking point NOT the flower in isolation….

  7. I love Rose of Sharon blooms, especially the lavender. Wonderful pic.

  8. Rose of sharon is such a dramatic, but non-demanding, plant with it’s huge blooms and dark green foliage–complements this new wooden fence so well.

  9. I look forward to the rose of sharon each year, a dependable wall of green and flower along the yard fence.

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