The Lazy Squirrel

This squirrel likes to get comfortable and hang out in the tree branches.

Why bother storing the nut for the future when you can have immediate squirrel gratification?

Just hanging out.

I’ve always thought that squirrels were industrious animals. They seem active most of the time as they scamper around searching for food.  I’ve seen them running along telephone wires like a gymnast on a balance beam, or scouting out the yard for secret locations to bury a cache. When acorns appear on the oak tree, the squirrels are ready, running up and down the tree trunk to carry away their treasures for a future meal. When the bird feeder is filled, they become contortionists in an effort to reach the seeds. The time has come, however, for the stereotype of the active, industrious squirrel to be broken. I have finally met a lazy squirrel!

Our backyard squirrel likes to sit in the tree and watch the world go by. A branch shaped like a “V” becomes his lawn chair. Instead of carrying food away to store in a cache, he eats it right away. No planning for the future, just immediate gratification. He doesn’t eat quickly either; he takes his time, savoring the flavor. You have to wonder if this squirrel will change his behavior once cooler weather approaches in the fall. For now, this un-stereotypical squirrel likes to sit, eat, and be lazy.


11 responses to “The Lazy Squirrel

  1. My guess is he won’t survive the winter… or won’t reproduce. Cute, though!

  2. Those are terrific. Love that bottom shot where he looks completely content.

  3. Even though they are truly pests, these guys can be so entertaining!

  4. Good series of images on the squirrel. Also, thanks for stopping by.

  5. That seems like unusual behavior but he may snap out of his lethargy. :))

  6. We have many squirrels around our place they move on the elec. wire and poles so efficiently, just watching them makes me very happy.

  7. This squirrel is a cutie!

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