Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Baby robin inside its nest

The newborn robin was in the nest on the left

So often bird’s nests are tucked away out of sight. You can hear the baby birds, but you can’t see them until they venture outside the nest. A few weeks ago, someone showed me a spot where three bird’s nests were built in a row on top of a ladder. I could hear that the nests were active. I was able to take a peek inside the nest without getting too close. I was surprised to see a newly-hatched baby robin (and siblings) inside.

Check out the Weekly Photo Challenge to see what others have discovered “inside.”


25 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

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  3. Nina Whitehurst


  4. Oh wow…baby robin…never seen one that close before.

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  6. so sweet, good photo!

  7. With the collection of nests along the ladder it looks like it’s been a favorite nesting area for some time.

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  9. blueridgebluecollargirl

    Wonderful shot! It’s amazing, really, just how many things in the animal world are going on over our heads and under our feet. You’ve certainly done a great job of noticing.

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  11. great shot…it looks so helpless

  12. Great post! I love getting to see baby birds! How interesting that the birds all made their nests next to each other. Guess it was the best spot!

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  14. … lovely photos, and that wide open beak! Voracious looking appetite.

  15. Amazing… It’s quite close too. 😉

  16. Beautiful – we’ve been using our side door while a mama bird tends her babies in a nest in a hanging pot on our porch! Such a wonderful reminder of how close our outdoor friends are!

  17. Hard to believe how quickly they become adults! Fabulous capture and interpretation of this week’s challenge!

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