A Backyard Chipmunk Surprise

Look who popped up unexpectedly this morning

Surprise. It’s a chipmunk.

My eyes were not deceiving me; there really was a chipmunk in our backyard this morning. While this discovery is probably not an oddity to most of you, it is to me! I have never, ever, in my whole lifetime, seen a chipmunk in my backyard or anywhere near my community.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a fascination with chipmunks. I always thought chipmunks were the cutest things. I would sit in my bedroom at my white, child-size desk and draw pictures of two animals: owls and chipmunks. Unless you count the time I had my photo taken with Chip and Dale at Disney World, there were only a few opportunities for me to see chipmunks in person: on camping trips, hiking in the woods, or when visiting someone who lived in a wooded area.

Fast forward to this morning — I glanced out my back window and, voilà, a chipmunk. If my husband had been home, I would have thought it was a prank; I could imagine him laughing as he secretly placed a plastic chipmunk where he knew I would see it. (The joking is a family thing; my son likes to trick me by pointing upward and yelling out “snowy owl, snowy owl.”)

Only time will tell if today’s striped surprise will be a one-time visitor, like the white parakeet who visited our backyard. Maybe a chipmunk family will permanently locate here. Regardless, I was delighted by this morning’s backyard chipmunk surprise.


14 responses to “A Backyard Chipmunk Surprise

  1. Seems like we’ve had a ton of them around my house this year. Not sure why the increase.

  2. How sweet..I have never seen one in my backyard..Michelle

  3. Good Chipmunk series, look forward to more.

  4. I want Chipmunks in my yard so badly. I have friends who have so many they trap them and “dispose” of them. I always say I want a pair but then they tell me that the Chipmunks dig up EVERYTHING and over-populate., so I haven’t gotten any yet.

  5. He’s absolutely precious! I hope he makes a home of your back yard! Your boy teasing you sounds so much like my grandson! 🙂

  6. That is so cute, and I love your photos of him (or her). I live in the UK (in Wales) and we don’t have chipmunks here so it’s a delight to see photos of them.

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