Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Soda can floating in the duckweed

Debris by the fishing area

“Hey, it’s a beautiful day. Why don’t we go to the local park and litter?”

Although I’m late for this week’s Photo Challenge, I decided to post anyway after visiting a local park today and, once again, seeing trash. I’m pretty sure most people don’t make a premeditated decision to leave their garbage behind when leaving a natural area, yet there is always someone’s garbage strewn about. We all get distracted and in a hurry, but is it really that difficult to carry an empty water bottle to the nearest recycling can? If you enjoy fishing and being outdoors, why would you leave empty worm containers strewn along the edge of the pond? To me, this is just wrong!

See what other photographers think is WRONG at: Weekly Photo Challenge.


17 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

  1. What a great idea for the challenge… I’m always fuming / commenting on this very issue. “Hey, let’s visit our local ENDANGERED preserved local wetlands! Oh…can’t carry my bottle / kleenex all the way to the car. I’ll just throw it here for the animals.”

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  3. Where do they think it goes? Hubby is always out clearing the street and the woods at the end of the street..people thank him..nobody has ever offered to help..I am sorry your butterfly eggs didn’t work. I had a lot of help from Monarch Watch with mine as I would not have known what to do.. who knew that so many things eats the eggs, parasitize the larva and the illnesses..amazing that any survive and of course most don’t..Michelle

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  5. Northern Narratives

    It is sad that people do not care enough about nature to dispose of their garbage properly.

  6. It’s unfortunate that people do this all over the world. Around Tokyo there are very few trash cans, older people often carry their trash back home after a picnic, but some people are careless and leave it strewn about. So sad.

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  8. topher79 is so right! It’s a worldwide issue.

  9. So true! I have similar shots with trash next to ibis in a park in Florida 😦

  10. Great response to the challenge! I didn’t know about that website, either … went to check it out, thanks for the tip.

    I’m always stunned by this behavior, too. When I lived in the Bay Area, I started a photo series called Bay Flotsam, to document this very thing. It was such a troubling juxtaposition to see wading birds foraging, for instance, around huge “value meal” plastic cups and latex gloves.

  11. I’ve never understood why people litter, particularly not when they throw stuff in ponds or any place where there is wildlife. Ditto people who throw away whole loaves of breadin ponds or lakes ‘for the ducks’. It’s disgusting.

    I was brought up – from when I was a small child, in the 1950s – to take litter home or take it to the nearest bin.

    • I remember thinking when I was little that it would be cool if everyone’s trash, that they discarded wantonly, would follow along behind them as they went through their day and life. That would sure discourage them from littering again!

  12. people are not very caring in this world we should pick up our garbage it is not that hard to do thanks all

  13. a beautiful site love it thanks for sharing GOD BLESS

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