Backyard Sanctuary

The “sittin’ spot” near the rear fence in our backyard.

A visitor to our backyard this week.

The former owner of our home was meticulous in taking care of the outside grounds. The yard was well-planted with bushes, flowers, ornamental grasses, pines and a few trees. He had constructed a small pond off the back deck as well. When we moved in several years ago, we didn’t have much work to do in the yard at all, mostly just routine maintenance and feeding the fish.

Our yard is on a fairly small lot, but for us it has developed into a sanctuary where we can enjoy a little bit of God’s creation right outside the back door. Every so often, I like to snatch a few moments to sit on the deck stairs next to the pond. The afternoon sun warms that spot and I can watch the fish swimming and birds landing on the feeders. It’s also a good vantage point for taking notice of any visiting creatures. On my “Nature in the Burbs” Facebook page, I’ll often post a photo of “Today’s Backyard Visitor,” taken from that location. This week, for instance, a bullfrog has taken up residence near the pond. He likes lounging right in the middle of a pot of cattails. My husband has a favorite spot in our backyard too. He created a little nook for himself near the rear fence. He calls this area his “sittin’ spot,” his mini-retreat from the stresses of life.

I really enjoy seeing the photographs and reading the thoughts of other bloggers who write about their gardens and the backyard wildlife they encounter where they live. Some of you only have a small potted garden on a high-rise balcony, others have acres and acres of land, yet I’m grateful to be able to learn more about your area of the world and to have a glimpse into your own backyard sanctuaries.

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23 responses to “Backyard Sanctuary

  1. You really do have a sanctuary there! Wonderful visitors. And your great photography does them justice!

  2. love the little frog (or toad) & bird houses/homes…. great views. (:

  3. the sittin’ spot looks lovely. i like your visitor, too. 🙂

  4. That is a very nice sittin spot your hubby has…love the bull frog! Your yard sound lovely1

  5. I’m “green” with envy! 🙂

  6. It sounds like the perfect retreat! Really nice!

  7. We try to attract song birds and hummingbirds. Guess you could call my backyard a deer sanctuary. They’ve been making a salad out of my garden this summer and come up in the yard fairly frequently–even during the daytime.

  8. It sounds like you have a wonderful backyard sanctuary. We live on a small lot in the countryside so I can appreciate your spot in the burbs. Pamela

  9. nice fence. And a great visitor in your garden. 🙂

  10. Beautiful photographs, nature it is the most wonderful painter in the world. I am greeting

  11. hmmm, handsome looking toad!

  12. What a nice spot to enjoy nature. We also have a bullfrog in our small garden pond.

  13. It’s so encouraging, always, to see how even a small, viable niche will bring in animals who are just looking to exploit some food and shelter options. The bullfrog presence (and photo) is brilliant! I miss my garden from back home, but am slowly putting together a balcony garden. I have just a few plants right now, but already, two garden spiders have set up webs across my small pots. It gives me hope that I can create a little oasis here, in the sky. 🙂

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