A Squirrel for Friday’s Fences

It is surely getting closer to autumn. Not only are the leaves beginning to fall from the trees, but the squirrels have heightened their activity level in our backyard.

This squirrel was balance-beaming along the top of our fence.
As soon as he spotted me, he froze.
After a moment or two, the squirrel decided it was best to leave!
Linking to “Friday’s Fences” at Life According to Jan and Jer.


26 responses to “A Squirrel for Friday’s Fences

  1. Love to watch the squirrels.
    These are cute shots!

  2. Beautiful photographs, fantastic squirrel. I am greeting

  3. cute shots for FF. take care. (:

  4. But you got a couple of great captures, before he left!! I am always fascinated by squirrel toes, when they sit still long enough to focus!

  5. His claws look VERY sharp. Do not think I would want to mess with him. I am surprised he stayed still long enough for you to get his lovely portrait. genie

  6. Oh tthat squirrel is lovely. Have a nice weekend

  7. Your fence-sitter is SOOO cute!

  8. I love that last shot! It says so much. Funny.

  9. what a cutie & off he went =)

  10. Cute shots…love to watch those critters!

  11. I love watching the antics put on by these guys!

  12. The top one looks like he’s saying “unaccustomed as I am to public speaking… have you any nuts?”

  13. Sassy little guy isn’t he? I like the last picture, you know “the end.”

  14. grippy little fingers/paws. 🙂

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