Skywatch Friday – Snowy Mountain

For Skywatch Friday, I thought I’d post a couple of photos from Mt. Baker in Washington State. I visited there in August. Yup! There was snow in August.

To see other images of skies, visit Skywatch Friday.


22 responses to “Skywatch Friday – Snowy Mountain

  1. Stunning scenery and amazing cloud formation….

  2. Crisp and clear. How cold was it?

  3. What a view, really beautiful!

  4. Nothing lovelier than snow against that summer sky!

  5. I just love the Mt. Baker area. We visit there quite a lot. Last year Bob and I climbed the mountain to the 55oo level. It was mass fun. Since then I have had knee surgery but I will be back. Surprising how warm it is up there. Nice shots you too and the other ones too. MB

  6. Discovering such views is a wonderful adventure. I am greeting

  7. And not only a little bit of snow, amazing!
    Happy Skywatch,

  8. These are lovely. I like the way the cloud formation highlights the rocky knoll.

  9. Fine magic views. I am greeting

  10. Beautiful shots! A great Skywatch post. Loved seeing the snow! 🙂

  11. These are stunning! 🙂

  12. Beautiful pictures. That sky looks amazing!

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