The King of the Backyard Fence

Please forgive me, but I couldn’t resist another squirrel-on-fence photo. This squirrel thinks he’s “King of the Backyard Fence.” Don’t you wish you could balance like that?

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33 responses to “The King of the Backyard Fence

  1. Nina Whitehurst

    He’s so regal!

  2. Bow down before me, my canine subjects!

  3. What a great shot…he seems to be posing just for you!

  4. Wonderful! He has the perfect viewpost!

  5. This made me smile! Perfect title too.
    Love watching these little guys in my yard.

  6. Bet that’s the biggest acorn he’s seen!! ;-D Cute critter though, we don’t have squirrels here.

  7. What a great little fence ornament 😉

  8. He makes a cute addition to the fence post!

  9. That squirrel is so cute… and yes, I wish I had the balance it has. I’d be dancing in the rain if I did.

  10. Such confidence, and now for the three somersaults and a backflip, …?

  11. Apparently this fellow has been going to pilates class regularly and working on his core! 🙂

  12. Fabulous photo. You have a knack for being at the right place at the right time!

    My squirrels are busy collecting nuts off a shagbark hickory tree in the backyard. It’s absolute mayhem in the tree – squirrels fighting and running and jumping and stashing – it’s like getting on the #6 subway at Grand Central. Like is my norm, I saw a squirrel on its hind legs, holding the nut in his mouth, a perfect shot, except my camera was inside….yes, you know the end of the story. By the time I went in, got the camera, turned it on…bye bye squirrel.

  13. Yes!! What would a fence be without a squirrel? Regarding the shagbark hickory comment – I tried collecting some nuts of my own .(they had fallen to the ground) and was met with a whole volley of hurled nuts and chatters. Rather akin to those anthropomorphic trees in Oz!

  14. Thank you for the kind comment about my Mother’s paintings…I appreciate it especially during this time as we lose her to cancer…Michelle

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