A Forgotten Fence

A forgotten fence

A forgotten fence

Linking to “Friday’s Fences” at Life According to Jan and Jer.


22 responses to “A Forgotten Fence

  1. We have those here, too….on our walking trail. Doesn’t it make you wish you knew its history?

  2. needs some work – i would say … great for FF. ( :

  3. poor little forgotten fence

  4. Quite poetic! Nina

  5. really pretty shot!

  6. Perfect title for this shot…I like it very much

  7. This scene is quite evocative. Agree with one of your other commenters, brings out the poet or “musings” in one to study it.

  8. Whenever I stumble upon these lone markings far out on trails, I always wonder as to the area’s history, who lived there, were they happy….

  9. Good title for this. Nice capture.

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