Welcome Spring

Spring sunset

Spring sunset

stone fence

Stone fence

a field

Not too spring-like yet

down the gravel road

Pretty path

short-eared owl

Short-eared owl

Although it’s officially the start of spring, I’m still feeling a bit sun-deprived. In an effort to speed up the retreat of the winter blues, I’ve been commuting with the sunroof in my car open, despite the air temperature.

After eating dinner yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice the sun shining through the clouds preparing for its descent. Rather than watching through the window or in my backyard, I grabbed my camera and headed out to a park to enjoy the view. Not only was I rewarded with a beautiful sunset, but I also managed to snap a shot of my first owl! Welcome sunshine, welcome spring.

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28 responses to “Welcome Spring

  1. that stone fence is cool!

  2. Love that stone fence!

  3. that first shot is just awesome!!!

  4. It may not be spring, but nature put on a grand show for you.

  5. Gorgeous photos! Well done! I’m loving that owl in flight! Spring will be there soon!

  6. How cool to see an owl! Much less to get such a good photo!
    Happy spring!

  7. we thought spring was coming but it’s howling a gale and snowing

  8. Your skies promise spring, but a cold one. Am loving all those billowy white clouds and blue skies we’re getting lately. Enjoy your last snow of the season–hopefully.

  9. Nice!! Never gotten an owl pic.

  10. Yep..the stone fence is a winner for sure

  11. How exciting to get the owl! I’m envious!

  12. awesome clouds. great shots. ( :

  13. I really like the stone fence photo!

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