Early Spring Friday’s Fences

Here are a couple of fence photos taken this year in early spring. It won’t take long for these locations to look dramatically different once all the plants and trees begin sprouting. Linking to “Friday’s Fences” at Life According to Jan and Jer.

Bird blind fencing

Bird blind fencing

Fence along the dirt path

Fence along the dirt path


11 responses to “Early Spring Friday’s Fences

  1. Love the top fence, its weathered and looks like it has been around for a long time.

  2. I really like the bird blind fencing! So different. The blue sky in the second photo is really pretty. I like the blues and browns.
    Thanks for stopping by to visit me.

  3. love the perspective in the 2nd shot. the bird blind fencing is ruggedly sweet! 🙂

  4. someone got creative w/ that bird blind right next to the water & look at that blue blue sky in the 2nd WoW! =)

  5. I love that beautiful spring sky which accents the fence so nicely.

  6. Beautiful photos:) I am greeting

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