Young Robin

baby robin on railing fridays fences
baby robinThis very young robin was hanging out on the railing at a local park the other day. Linking to Friday’s Fences at Life According to Jan and Jer.


19 responses to “Young Robin

  1. just SOOO precious!

  2. cute…great shots!

  3. Tis that time of year for the baby Robins…too cute!

  4. He looks worried, as if he’s saying, whoa, this flying thing…..not so easy. Love his expression and that hair do. Kinda how I looked this morning!

  5. What a little cutie!

  6. He is a cutie…we raised a baby one year. Quite expensive to buy night crawlers for them.

  7. a very fluffy looking bird

  8. Beautiful photos, wonderful bird:) Greetings

  9. These pictures are so cute – robins are my favorites too!

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