The “Keep Out” Fence

Signs, signs, signs — we live in a world full of signs, displaying all kinds of messages. Road signs, directional arrows, notices of construction, warnings, highway markers, etc., are posted to protect us, inform us and ensure that we arrive at our destinations safely. The majority of the time, following the instructions on a sign and obeying what it says is for our own good. But, did you ever come across a sign you wish wasn’t there? This “Keep Out” sign, posted on a fence gate, is an example of a sign that ought not to be! Wouldn’t it be great to explore inside this old barn? How about taking a walk around the stone fence, or having a picnic lunch on the green grass? Too bad they want us to “Keep Out!”

keep out fenceLinking to “Friday’s Fences” at Life According to Jan and Jer.


13 responses to “The “Keep Out” Fence

  1. yeah, how rude! i want to explore 😉

  2. I know how you feel…the keep out sign is such a harsh contrast to this peaceful scene.

  3. Makes me even more curious to go in and take a peek.

  4. I agree! What a beautiful fence and barn. I would love to explore there. Pamela

  5. I have always had a fascination with barns. Yes, this one would be great to go in. The entire area is very pretty.

  6. i obey those signs. 🙂

  7. I agree. Keep Out signs always make me sad.

  8. TexWisGirl and Nature: I’m a total hypocrite when it comes to signs. I obey them until there’s something I really need to see….and blog about! 🙂

  9. I think a lot of signs are posted for legal reasons. Too many people have trespassed and then sued the owner when they’ve gotten hurt, I fear.

  10. I am sad when I can see the sign “Alloy” and I cannot enter, but unfortunately such signs are sometimes necessary:) Greetings

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