The Sign Says…

I’m a little late with the Weekly Photo Challenge for the theme “The Sign Says,” but when I saw this sign recently it made me chuckle. The next time I want to go fishing, I will be sure to stay away from the golf course!
no fishing signLinking to:
Friday’s Fences and Weekly Photo Challenge.


18 responses to “The Sign Says…

  1. too funny! 🙂

  2. A perfect fence find for today. That is the craziest sign ever on a golf course.

  3. That’s a cute sign!

  4. Too funny! Stopping by from Friday fences.

  5. Were they expecting people to fish in the water traps? Funny sign.

  6. ha, guess its happened before 😀

  7. Ha ha! Seems like good sense to me not to fish on a golf course…but I guess someone must not mind being hit by stray golf balls.

  8. people would really go fishing on the golf course … really??!!!!??!

  9. LOL…people do the darndest things! 🙂

  10. As a golfer who often loses golf balls in the water, I’m guessing this sign refers to the common after hour practice of fishing for (with a long handled net) lost golf balls – then reselling them. FORE! Kerplop.

  11. Amazing view, interesting situation:) Greetings

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