Life Along The Wire Fence

This wire fence made a great backdrop for a few photos this week. See other interesting fences at Life According to Jan and Jer.

Wire fence and thistle

Wire fence and thistle

Eastern phoebe sitting spot

Eastern phoebe landing spot

Monarch nearby

A nearby monarch

Fence post

Fence post

Looking through the fence

Looking through the fence

Pretty bee attraction

Yellow flowers attract a bee


12 responses to “Life Along The Wire Fence

  1. Love how the barbed wire curves up to meet the fence post in the 2nd and 4th photos. And great flowers and wild life around the fences too.

  2. Great views through some really cool fences!

  3. these are beautiful!

  4. Great idea mixing fences with nature. I like it

  5. these are great! love the patterns the wire makes. 🙂

  6. Neat collection of fence photos.

  7. I love how nature takes over and flowers climb that wire fence.

  8. cool up close views. luv the bird & butterfly. ( :

  9. Barbed wire seems like an empty slate for nature to do her work. Beautiful captures.

  10. nice! I love what you accomplished with the wire fence. 🙂

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