Autumn Color


While taking a walk in the park, I found a little section by a fence that seemed to be bursting with autumn color — from the golden, end-of-day sunlight on the trees, to the carpet of fallen leaves. There was even a bench nearby for someone to sit and contemplate the scene. Linking to “Friday’s Fences” at Life According to Jan and Jer.


16 responses to “Autumn Color

  1. what a pretty area. looks very inviting.

  2. It still looks so green to me! ;))

  3. This is wonderful when enlarged….almost feel like I am there enjoying the view.

  4. is that not weird? strange? i wonder? great 4 photos though. ( :

  5. The bench is the key…… stop look and listen.

  6. How nice to have a bench to sit and take in the beauty!

  7. A perfect place to take a nice stroll.

  8. The beauty of those Autumn colors makes me miss NJ were I grew up. Lovely shot 🙂

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