Snapping Turtle Emergence

Today was the day this snapping turtle emerged to welcome spring. It had just climbed up a grassy bank from its overwintering area and was beginning to cross the tow path when we spotted it.
snapper walk
Step by step, it crossed over the path toward the canal.
snapper crossing
Bicyclists and hikers stopped to let it go by.
crossing the path
Then it quickly proceeded down a short bank — splash!
almost in the canalThe snapping turtle made it to the water and was out of human sight.


6 responses to “Snapping Turtle Emergence

  1. I always get a thrill when one of these prehistoric-looking creatures crosses my path. These are excellent pictures.

  2. they are fascinating and prehistoric creatures. we have a few in our pond which i don’t like (they take baby ducklings and snap the legs on our adult whistlers, too, in an attempt to drown them.) *sigh*

    to answer your questions, yes, whistling ducks whistle instead of quack. i found an old post that had videos so you could hear them…

  3. The bicyclists were smart to leave it alone! 🙂

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