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Blog Anniversary

Hummingbird Moth

This hummingbird moth photo was the first one I published on Nature in the Burbs one year ago.

Oops, I missed it! Yesterday was the one-year anniversary (blog-versary) of Nature in the Burbs.

This past year has truly been fun. I’ve learned so much about blogs and social media. I’ve rediscovered the joy of photographing God’s creation. I’ve (almost) succeeded in breaking free from a bad case of writer’s block. I’ve “met” many amazing bloggers and have appreciated the opportunity to read your posts and experience different parts of the world through your photos.

Thanks to everyone who has read posts, commented, followed, and, hopefully, enjoyed Nature in the Burbs so far. Maybe I should go bake a cake…


Nice Surprise

Liebster BlogThank you Next-Door Nature for nominating Nature in the Burbs for a Liebster Award. The Liebster is not something I was familiar with, but it’s certainly a nice way to start 2012.

According to the information I received, the Liebster Award “celebrates up-and-coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The aim is to spread the word about exceptional blogs that deserve more readership, by having each recipient of the Liebster Award highlight five blogs that he or she feels stands out in a crowd.”

I’m not required to don an evening gown to accept this award, but there are a few “Rules of Liebster Award Etiquette” listed below.

  • Link back to the blogger who gave you the award as a way of saying “thanks ever so much!”
  • Pass along the positive vibes to 5 deserving participants. List your nominees and leave a comment on their blog.
  • Post the award on your own blog and walk around feeling like you won the lottery.

There are so many great blogs out there, particularly nature blogs. I thought I would have an easy time picking five favorites to honor with this award as per Liebster etiquette. In reality, it’s hard to determine how many followers a blog has and I’m not sure if the five I’ve selected meet the criteria of less than 200 followers or not. Oh well, I hope you will check out these five blogs that merit a Liebster Award:

  1. The photography is stunning on Bird Light Wind.
  2. I never know what I will read about next on Earth Ocean Sky Redux, but it always keeps me interested.
  3. Georgia Backyard Nature gives me the opportunity to take a peek at nature and wildlife in someone else’s backyard.
  4. The Northwoods Nature Blog has a variety of nature posts with lots of photos.
  5. Since I’m born and raised on the east coast, I enjoy reading Wild Fidalgo and seeing photos of wildlife on the west coast.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the informative and interesting posts on Next-Door Nature, including “Nutcracker Suite” which I recently enjoyed reading.