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Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story

golden glow split secondThe sunset was quite pretty at the park last night, but that goldeny-glow on the park bench lasted only a short while, a.k.a. a split second. A few quick clicks on my camera and the glow was gone. See other interpretations of the “Split Second Story” theme at: Weekly Photo Challenge.


The Golden Hour

The golden hour to me is that magical time at the end of the day when the sun is having its last hurrah before disappearing for the evening.

It lights the sky on fire.Ggolden sunset It makes the wildflowers stretch out to soak in the last bit of sun before night comes.GwildflowersIt gives a golden brightness to the leaves. dappled leavesEven after the rain, the sun makes a grand exit. Gbridge over the canal

See other photo interpretations of the “The Golden Hour” at: Weekly Photo Challenge.

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