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Springing Up

Oh the glorious beginning of spring. So nice to see some green sprouting up. Or should I say “springing” up?springing up


I Like Daisies

Backyard Daisy

My father-in-law left the patches of wild daisies uncut.

Some people consider them weeds, but I’ve always liked daisies. Compared to other backyard flowers like pansies or tulips, they seem plain — which is probably why they appeal to me. One of my favorite gardens was adjacent to the garage of our old house. It contained white daisies with purple coneflowers and black-eyed susans. That area became our literal butterfly magnet. I’m not the only one in the family who likes daisies. My father-in-law would mow his grass, intentionally leaving the patches of wild daisies uncut. Once, on the way to “Nana’s” home in northeastern Pennsylvania, my husband and I stopped to pick daisies that were growing alongside the road past Ricketts Glen State Park. We presented Nana with the bouquet and she was thrilled. Years before, when planning our wedding, I wanted daisies as part of my bridal bouquet. The florist attempted to talk me out of it. She suggested I consider something more regal (i.e., more expensive or more accepted) like roses. Can flowers be politically correct? After realizing I wasn’t changing my mind, she strongly recommended only using daisies in the bridesmaids’ arrangements. That did not happen; on the day of the wedding bride and bridesmaids alike carried bouquets containing daisies. Comments?