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Pothole Bathing

pothole bathrobin bathWe have two areas in our yard where birds in the neighborhood can get freshened up on a dusty day. In front, there is a large stone birdbath. In the rear, we have a small pond with a very shallow stream of water running over a ledge. Many birds land by the pond and walk over to the ledge for a quick rinse. By far, however, the all-time favorite bathing spot is the pothole in the street in front of our house. Every time it rains and water collects in the hole, a variety of birds come – some solo, some in small groups – to bathe. Maybe the hole is the perfect depth and width to attract them, or maybe they just like muddy rainwater, whatever the reason, it attracts more visitors than the birdbath and the pond.grackle bath


Young Robin

baby robin on railing fridays fences
baby robinThis very young robin was hanging out on the railing at a local park the other day. Linking to Friday’s Fences at Life According to Jan and Jer.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Baby robin inside its nest

The newborn robin was in the nest on the left

So often bird’s nests are tucked away out of sight. You can hear the baby birds, but you can’t see them until they venture outside the nest. A few weeks ago, someone showed me a spot where three bird’s nests were built in a row on top of a ladder. I could hear that the nests were active. I was able to take a peek inside the nest without getting too close. I was surprised to see a newly-hatched baby robin (and siblings) inside.

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Posing on the Backyard Fence

Our backyard fence became a posing spot for birds this afternoon. The robin and the mourning dove both positioned themselves on top of the fence as if they were modeling their feathery haute couture.
Mourning dove

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A Relaxing Spot

This fence (in honor of “Friday Fences” at Life According to Jan and Jer) was near the beginning of a nature trail at a local park. I thought it looked like a relaxing spot; the robin thought so too.