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Fiery Sunset

orange skyI couldn’t take my eyes off this beautiful sunset. It looks like an autumn scene, but it’s actually springtime.

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A Circle in the Sky

A circle formation of flying birds

A circle formation of flying birds

A raptor (bottom right) was close by

A raptor (bottom right) was close by

A few fuzzy close ups of the raptor that I couldn't identify

A few fuzzy close ups of the raptor that I couldn’t identify

While near the Raritan River the other day, I noticed a circle in the sky that was moving rapidly. The circle was actually a large group of birds. The shape kept getting formed and reformed, over and over, while the birds moved westward.

I’ve seen flocks of european starlings before, flying in patterns in the air then landing en masse before taking off again, but this was different. The birds were very high up in the sky and they did not land. The pattern the birds made remained circular until they went out of sight.

What I didn’t see right away was the raptor in their proximity. The more I watched, it seemed that the formation of the circle was a way for the flock to protect and defend themselves from the threat. Although it looked like the raptor was after the group of birds, I suppose the birds could have been harassing the raptor too (like an angry mob). I’m guessing that the birds were starlings, although it could have been some other type of bird that flies together during migration. I couldn’t identify the raptor either because it was too far away.

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Lakeside Sunset

edge of the water fence and skySunset photo from the New York side of Lake Champlain.
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Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset in New Jersey

Summer Sunset in New Jersey

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Cloudy Reflection

A July sky!clouds in pondLinking to Skywatch Friday. Check them out as they celebrate their blog anniversary.

Welcome Spring

Spring sunset

Spring sunset

stone fence

Stone fence

a field

Not too spring-like yet

down the gravel road

Pretty path

short-eared owl

Short-eared owl

Although it’s officially the start of spring, I’m still feeling a bit sun-deprived. In an effort to speed up the retreat of the winter blues, I’ve been commuting with the sunroof in my car open, despite the air temperature.

After eating dinner yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice the sun shining through the clouds preparing for its descent. Rather than watching through the window or in my backyard, I grabbed my camera and headed out to a park to enjoy the view. Not only was I rewarded with a beautiful sunset, but I also managed to snap a shot of my first owl! Welcome sunshine, welcome spring.

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Wintry Reservoir

trail down to the waterA wintry day at the Round Valley Reservoir in New Jersey.

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Skywatch Friday – Calm River

A calm, pale December morning on the Raritan River. raritan river reflectionsTo see other images of skies, visit Skywatch Friday.

Skywatch Friday Sunset

A beautiful sunset at the park after a lovely November day.

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Skywatch Friday – Snowy Mountain

For Skywatch Friday, I thought I’d post a couple of photos from Mt. Baker in Washington State. I visited there in August. Yup! There was snow in August.

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Nature OVER the Burbs

Lovely clouds

Chicago from above

Winding river (I think it was the Missouri)

Rocky Mountains

The sky in Seattle

Last week I went on a business trip that had me flying across the USA from sea to shining sea. While most of the passengers on the airplane worked on computers, watched movies, read books, listened to music, or chatted with their seatmates, I happily passed time staring out the window, taking photos. My in-flight movie was the blue sky, endless clouds, and the changing terrain of the states we flew over.

Because of good flying weather, I was able to get a bird’s-eye view of the beauty and natural diversity of this country. Unfortunately, I was also able to see firsthand some of the devastating effects of the Midwestern drought. Here are a few photos from OVER the burbs.

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Skywatch Friday – Swallowtail

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this tiger swallowtail butterfly in my backyard. It was such a pretty scene with the yellow butterfly on the butterfly bush, against a backdrop of blue sky and puffy white clouds. To see other images of skies, visit Skywatch Friday.