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Fiery Sunset

orange skyI couldn’t take my eyes off this beautiful sunset. It looks like an autumn scene, but it’s actually springtime.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story

golden glow split secondThe sunset was quite pretty at the park last night, but that goldeny-glow on the park bench lasted only a short while, a.k.a. a split second. A few quick clicks on my camera and the glow was gone. See other interpretations of the “Split Second Story” theme at: Weekly Photo Challenge.

Sunset Fence

picket fence sunset
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Let There Be Light

This week’s Photo Challenge is “Let There Be Light.”light sky

Especially when it’s cold out, that last bit of color in the sky is an extra welcome sight.


When the natural light is gone, a beam from a lighthouse directs the path.

light sunset

The reflection of sunlight on the water is so peaceful.

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Lakeside Sunset

edge of the water fence and skySunset photo from the New York side of Lake Champlain.
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Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset in New Jersey

Summer Sunset in New Jersey

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The Golden Hour

The golden hour to me is that magical time at the end of the day when the sun is having its last hurrah before disappearing for the evening.

It lights the sky on fire.Ggolden sunset It makes the wildflowers stretch out to soak in the last bit of sun before night comes.GwildflowersIt gives a golden brightness to the leaves. dappled leavesEven after the rain, the sun makes a grand exit. Gbridge over the canal

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Welcome Spring

Spring sunset

Spring sunset

stone fence

Stone fence

a field

Not too spring-like yet

down the gravel road

Pretty path

short-eared owl

Short-eared owl

Although it’s officially the start of spring, I’m still feeling a bit sun-deprived. In an effort to speed up the retreat of the winter blues, I’ve been commuting with the sunroof in my car open, despite the air temperature.

After eating dinner yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice the sun shining through the clouds preparing for its descent. Rather than watching through the window or in my backyard, I grabbed my camera and headed out to a park to enjoy the view. Not only was I rewarded with a beautiful sunset, but I also managed to snap a shot of my first owl! Welcome sunshine, welcome spring.

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Skywatch Friday Sunset

A beautiful sunset at the park after a lovely November day.

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Skywatch Friday – Orange-Colored Sunset

The orange-colored sky  in this photo makes it look like an autumn sunset, but it’s really a spring photo that I took two weeks ago. The geese happened to fly into the frame as I was lining up the shot.

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Photo Challenge: Reflections

First reflection: Sunset at Colonial Park.Sunset at Colonial Park
Second reflection: Female mallard enjoying a swim.Female mallard enjoying our backyard pond
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Skywatch Friday – Sunrise to Sunset

From sunrise to sunset the sky was absolutely beautiful today. Throughout the day the cloud formations were ever-changing.
It all began with a gorgeous sunrise…
Beautiful Sunrise
and ended with a colorful sunset as the starlings gathered into the trees.
Starlings at sunset
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