Turtles in the Sun

The sunny, spring weather has brought the turtles out from their winter hiding places. I was inspired to go looking for some this morning after seeing lots and lots of turtle photographs published by a fellow blogger. I waited until the sun seemed worthy of turtle-warming rays, then went to a county park to scout for turtles.
Turtle on log
I found some eastern painted turtles soaking up the sun on a partially submerged tree trunk near the edge of the pond. I planned to get closer to them, but they immediately splooshed into the water before I could even try to approach. They took turns popping their heads up from the water in various locations as they checked to see if the coast was clear. Finally, the boldest turtle swam over to the tree trunk, climbed up, stretched out his head, and returned to his sunning.
Eastern box turtle on log
There were at least three or four other turtles who continued their surveillance from the water, with their periscope-like heads randomly popping up to survey the log.
Swimming turtle
Eventually, another turtle decided it was safe and began slowly approaching the log. He cautiously climbed up the side and then froze for a few moments.
Turtle on log
After a period of looking around, he finally relaxed his position and lowered his body down onto the log. Then the turtle extended his head into just the right angle for soaking in the maximum amount of sun.


6 responses to “Turtles in the Sun

  1. What a great way to spend an hour or two.

  2. LOVE those turtles! We don’t get those “naturally” around Europe, unless someone has release a pet that got too vicious (that’s actually a problem).

    I like the idea of being able to admire “Nature in the Burbs”! The only thing I’ve seen along those lines here in Alicante was a hedgehog in an empty lot a couple of blocks from my house a few years back… and that was only thanks to my dog’s inquisitive nose! :p

    It was lovely to see your comment on my blog! Thanks for the visit! 🙂

  3. Beautiful creatures and great pictures! 😉

  4. Absolutely astonishng photos of turtles. I have swum with some. They are magnificent creatures and you do them justice.

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